Bow wow is dating

(or excite some celeb pals, but we'll get to that), but despite the unfortunate news, Jones tells E!

News exclusively they're doing what's best for their two kids. We are doing what's best for our children."Following the news of their split, the "Post to Be" singer was greeted with some, um, support (?

) from his friend Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, who took to Instagram to tell his now-single friend that he's now "got his freedom" and can accompany him to the strip club to help mend.

Well, here's what Jones has to say about all that: "As far as Bow Wow, his friend is Omari.

and tells us why he decided to share his reunion with his father on the show.

Then, Bow Wow opens up about his love life and reveals why his relationship with Erica Mena ended.

Bow Wow recently sat down with Vlad TV to talk about his career and the importance of co-parenting, but it was his comments about former flame, Ciara, that really stick out.

@day9day_lewis didn’t think Bow Wow had been popular since Lil’ Mama’s single “Lip Gloss” went gold in 2008.Social media has viciously targeted Lil’ Mama before.In June, the rapper participated in the #nomakeup movement that was sweeping Hollywood."How we met was crazy, because she was an extra in my tour— in the intro movie to my show," said Bow Wow."She was the girl sitting behind me in the classroom.