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He bumps Keyshia Cole’s “Take Me Away” in his ride (he loves everything about the track) and kicks back with his two kids as they read to him (his son is a fan of Vado and Max B). It was for an AIDS benefit, so it was for a good cause so that’s why I was willing to go do it. It’s a murder mystery that takes place within the music industry. With the mixtape title it’s apparent you’re paying tribute to your fans. You have a song on the mixtape called “Rock Wit Me” featuring Teyana Taylor. I’m friends with Teyana Taylor’s mother and her aunt. Get to know the zealous MC as he discusses the one article of clothing he consistently drops dime on, his NBA playoffs pick, and which hip-hop icon he wants to work with on his forthcoming album. I was also just shooting a movie, written, directed, and starring Charles Dutton. Can you think of a memorable fan interaction that really hit home for you? I knew her before she really got to where she is now.

“It’s to hold you down for the summer,” he reveals.

When you litter two decades of hip-hop with landmark verses, when you roll with some of the most formidable crews to ever huddle up in the rap game and still make a name for yourself as a solo artist, when your talent is so internationally known you can hold it down in any area code, when you’ve been in the game as long as he has and still sound as fresh to death as he does, when you’ve rocked the stage with Biggie and held your own, then…and only then…can you name your album Kiss My Ass.

With wisdom in his lyrics and feeling in his blunt smoke and liquor treated voice, Jadakiss has spent the last 10 plus years entrenching himself in the upper echelons of the rap game.

He would see me, just playing around, and he was like 'Yo this would be your way out of the streets,' you know we come from South Side Jamaica Queens, all we knew how to do was just make money- read between the lines- but that's how we got it and I guess I started, and I went off to college, I actually went off to college to learn how use better English, vernacular, you know how to use English vernacular to my advantage. So, I see the comparison in like you know in my music. MB: I've been rapping for ten years, and a lot of people hear me spitting stuff to you know, hard core street stuff. The next tour I'm doing I'm doing with my running mate Montana Mills, he just signed with DJ Khaled, so we just got the news today, he's touring the whole July.

And the name Moka Blast came to me working in a restaurant when I was younger, in Manhattan, there was a drink called Moka Blast and I got really addicted to it and the boss, she started calling me her little Moka Blast, and I hated it with a passion, but then I noticed females loved it, 'His name is Moka, we love Moka. MT: So in you bio it says you're compared to 50 Cent and LL Cool J. MB: Um well, you could say they are big guys, but I don't see myself as being big, but a lot of people say at six feet, 230lbs 'Moka you're a pretty big dude'...besides that you know we all from Queens... I go by "Ladies Love Moka" it's a tribute to LL and 50. I grew up on this music, so when people tell me you're a cross between 50 and LL I'm like whoa for real? The females are the ones who support me, and like transferring over is like 'Hey Mok, we see you have a big female fan base, you gotta go commercial." They always told me I was nice, you know I got a track with Jada when we shot the video he was like "now this what I'm talking about. So, I'll be touring with him, DJ Khaled and everything.