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But the romantic obstacles in Josh's path aren't your typical rom-com foils.In the place of mistaken identities and glasses that stop you from realizing the girl was actually hot the whole time, gives you a 126-year-old Adolf Hitler and sex aliens from Planet Sex.Jay Baruchel is the ultimate everyman, but the actor wouldn't have it any other way."I think given my nasal voice and my childlike face and my skinny body, I just think I scream regular.

Baruchel will play Josh Greenberg, a naive romantic on a desperate quest for love.

I had makeup on, mascara, a Jamiroquai hat, a feather boa.

I was negging, which is when you give them a left-handed compliment; a compliment wrapped in an insult wrapped in a compliment.

I wore this big feather boa and a Jamiroquai hat, and I literally, move for move, did all their little tricks to get women.

The most heartbreaking thing is it actually fucking worked.