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When we want to deploy a website to server, we can precompile this website or xcopy the website files to the virtual directory on IIS, and then configure it, such as ASP.

I then moved the code to .bashrc and it was executed.There is no indication as to what the error is, who the server is or how to contact them. Was not an issue with AT&T because the signal took a different path after leaving their network and did not encounter that troublesome server (acording to cable one).Cable one has no way of directing the path after it leaves their network so how do I get to POF?these are the ones with names like .bashrc, .tcshrc, .zshrc, complicates this in that .bashrc is not only read by interactive shells, but also non-login shells, so you'll find most people end up telling their .bash_profile to also read .bashrc with something like Login shells are the ones that are read one you login (so, they are not executed when merely starting up xterm, for example). Similarly, the path to any file on your C: drive can be constructed by prefixing the Windows path (without the "C:" and with \s changed to /s) with /cygdrive/c, so C:\Dropbox\myfile would be accessed from within Cygwin as /cygdrive/c/Dropbox/myfile. This method however has been bulletproof and doesn't puke.If you really wanted it available in Cygwin, besides getting it directly (as @garyjohn's correct answer) you can also try to use the mount command to map the path to your home dir. I say may, because though I'm pretty sure it will work, I have no Cygwin install to test it, and I'm not sure if Cygwin will refuse to create it because of filesystem loops (it should allow it)M-x list-packages : gives a list of packages in the ELPA repository that can be selected via 'i' and when all done selecting press 'x' and it will install the appropriate packages. Undo C-g C-_ this will redo what you just undid, the C-g seems to reverse which direction you are travelling on the undo/redo stack. I brought in Cam's laptop and hooked it up to an external monitor. I waas at first going to blame X but it really was just that the vertical position on the monitor had been set way crazy.