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Gordy had imagined it would be just the thing to wake up to in the morning. He was still at home like Gordy, probably sitting on compu-toilet. “I think you should try the new, improved Gordy sighed and stood up, pulling up his shorts. It flushed itself and then added encouragingly, “Well, I’m sure you’ll do better next time.” “Thanks.” Gordy stepped to the giant, gleaming white sink. It was the auto-shaver’s job to give him a close, smooth shave, even in those hard-to-reach places, but this model was very temperamental. ” “I just pointed out…” The vid mirror beeped and cut off in mid-sentence. Gordy’s vid manager had taken only a few nanoseconds to consult its friends hierarchy and then it allowed Gordy’s image to be sent out to Poppy’s vid. Poppy’s eyes had changed from deep brown to a bright cornflower blue, which was his favorite, although he also loved it when they were deep brown.

Sinha rashi controls heart and backbone of our body. It has arisen while God Brahma and Brahmarshi Narad were having a discussion.

He really didn’t want to get into an argument with his toilet again. First, there was his girlfriend, Poppy Nicole, the love of his life. As they talked, Poppy’s bathroom cameras covered her from the front and back, both profiles, two overheads and one from the drain in the sink. Gordy’s vid manager supplied the feed to Poppy’s vid manager, which edited on the fly.

The smooth, honeyed tones were warm and friendly, with just a hint of seduction. There was no way his boss was already at work at in the morning. ” The toilet’s light tone held just a hint of disappointment. ” Gordy sighed again and tried to hold his head still while the micro robot moved across his face with a faint tickling sensation. As soon as Poppy had addressed Gordy directly, her vid manager had contacted Gordy’s vid manager.

But Gordy was sure she was getting ready to dump him. All he wanted to do was to sit in peace for a few minutes and watch a little vid. “I’m just a little concerned,” the toilet continued, in a high, melodious voice, “because it’s been more than 24 hours since your last bowel movement.” When the compu-toilet was first installed, giving it a female voice had seemed like a great idea. “I want to ask you something.” Gordy’s vid manager not only handled his purchases and vidding, it also filtered his vid messages.

Poppy loved Gordy and Gordy loved Poppy, everyone knew that. Gordy had already talked to him twice that morning and it was only . At the moment it was transmitting a lovable shot of Bingo listening to his mistresses’ voice.