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First off, if you don't have a dog, don't go get one just for the purposes of being a doggie dating assistant.Not all dogs are good at mingling and all dogs deserve a full-time home.And you can’t conduct your own search – Chemistry takes the reins entirely in their hands.This is a fun, quirky dating site that has a lot of opportunities for members to interact and participate, not only with potential matches but also with the site community as a whole.Scenes like Hank and Max talking in the darkroom and Max teaching Hank what “perservation” means are so perfectly done that it feels all the weirder when we head over to Crosby and the Legion of Knucklehead Fart-knockers that is his every storyline.It’s like the show remembered to add the teaspoon of salt, but then figured that what the recipe actually called for was a whole cup of sugar.Use it in variety of stews, dressings, sauces and gravies in upcoming fall and winter and they will always remind of the beautiful and warm summer afternoon you were making them.Give it as a surprise hostess gift to your guests, decorated with tag and nice ribbon and they will always remember from around the globe, from Australia to Brazil, Europe to Africa, Mexico to Alaska.

Not all dogs are perfect for a date companion, but almost any dog can do it if he's well trained.

Not only it’s dumb-easy and fast to make, it can be a child’s play.

You can enjoy the results as soon as within 3 days.

So make sure your pooch behaves on a leash, knows how to sit, lay down and stays as well as understands the rules about jumping on and sniffing people. If you have a dog that may look intimating to your date, do a little something to soften his appearance and make him look more friendly.

Trying putting a bandana on him or provide him with a cute plush toy or ball to carry. If he isn't interested in meeting another human, give him time or hand your date a treat to give him.