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But while the Roswell crash is arguably the best-known UFO story in history, it was far from the first.

In chronological order, here are seven strange reports of UFOs and alien encounters, from long before Roswell became synonymous with alien activity. The document was reportedly among the papers left behind by Alberto Tulli, director of the Vatican’s Egyptian Museum, when he passed away. According to the legend, it was originally found by Tulli and his brother, a Vatican priest, during a visit to Cairo in 1934.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: If you can make it in Los Angeles, you can make it in New York. With a population of about 4 million, LA isn’t a city for the mild-mannered.

It’s a culturally diverse landscape of big personalities, hustlers, dreamers and people chasing after those people.

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Larry Taylor (Canned Heat): People would get together in a big park and listen to music and hang out. This felt like a continuation of the vibe and energy that was created with the Newport Folk Festival.

Tom Rounds (Festival co-producer, KFRC program director): There had been a long series of hip community events put on in Golden Gate Park, including the Human Be-In.

[The Grateful Dead's drug "chemist"] Owsley Stanley flew overhead and dropped LSD into the crowd. Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane): The concept of doing free shows for people really made a lot of sense to a lot of San Francisco bands like the Dead, us and Big Brother. There's never any thought of making money off of it. Chris Darrow (Kaleidoscope): KFRC were very understanding of what was happening and they went out of their way to play new and cool music.

Bring up alien encounters, and the first thing that most people think of is Roswell. To this day, though, UFO enthusiasts believe both stories were cover-ups for the recovery of an alien spacecraft, and Roswell has inspired dozens of stories about alien visits to Earth and years of debate over the existence of extraterrestrials.

Army claimed the vehicle in the 1947 crash was a weather balloon, then a nuclear test monitoring device.